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ANSA Recruitment Open Day

We are pleased to report that the ANSA Recruitment Open day was a huge success! If you were unable to make it, you can still find out about our exciting vacancies here on our website.

Lisa Collas talks to CAT FM

Listen to our Community Engagement Officer, Lisa Collas talking to Megan Lee at CAT FM about our key waste reduction campaigns: Leave it loose, Don't bin batteries, Love food hate waste, Composting at home and Life with less plastic.  Find out more about our campaigns on our Waste a minute page and via the Cheshire East website

Carbon filter update 050922

Odour Management

Did you know, as well as technical monitoring systems, we also train employees to assess odours the old fashioned way, but in a lab?

Nasal calibration involves a subject attending a specialist laboratory for nasal sensitivity testing to be conducted, whereby they must determine whether an odorous sample is present in one of two possible odour ports. One port contains the odorous sample and the other port contains neutral air. Which port the odorous sample is present in is randomly changed throughout the test, and the subject must correctly identify which port the odour has been delivered through. As the test progresses, the concentration of the odorous sample is diluted, and the subject must continue to correctly identify the port which contains the  odorous sample.

Many rounds of this testing are completed to build up a profile of the subjects nasal sensitivity. Once the results have been assessed, and they fall within a stated range, the person is then considered to have a ‘calibrated nose’!

Odour update 24/8/22

We are sorry to hear that some residents experienced issues with odours last night (Tuesday). We can confirm that everything is working correctly with the site and all systems are working as expected today. 

We do understand your concerns and appreciate your feedback. Please be assured that we operate fully within the terms of our permit, and regularly review our working practices to look for improvements. This includes regular maintenance of machinery as well as increased odour monitoring. We can confirm that there have been no issues with odours over the past few days at the Cledford Lane site. 

We are aware that a burning smell was reported in the Middlewich area last night and we can confirm that this did not come from the Cledford Lane facility. 

Odour update 19/8/22

Last week during the heatwave, some Middlewich residents started to experience unpleasant odours which were reported to us.  The reports were investigated, and it was concluded that they were caused by transient odours from vehicles leaving the site.  We understand the concerns regarding odours from our haulage partner’s vehicles and  we know they disinfect their vehicles and regularly arrange for them to be washed at Lymm truck stop.  Unfortunately, the recent hot weather has contributed to the issue, making odours more noticeable.

On Wednesday 17 August odours were reported to us and we believe these are due to the very hot temperatures and the higher humidity experienced recently, which has degraded the carbon in the system sooner than usual.  We have increased the frequency of the carbon replacement previously, and it is now replaced every 3 to 4 months, instead of annually, which was the original plan based on industry advice.

The next replacement was in the diary for early September, but we have asked the supplier if they can bring this forward to next week as a matter of urgency.   Our goal is to have the carbon changed as soon as possible to minimise the risk of odour for residents and we will continue to monitor the carbon on a monthly basis.

Ultimately, any operational equipment is susceptible to mechanical failures, particularly during extreme weather conditions.  Whilst we cannot guarantee that will not happen, we endeavour to manage the site in a way that minimises any odour, whilst continuing to deliver a first class service to our residents.

We will post regular updates on our website and social media feeds. Once again, we apologise for any issues and we are working hard to find solutions with our partners.

A special gift for a mother and daughter who were forced to flee Ukraine

A mother and daughter who were forced to flee Ukraine have received a special gift from Ansa, Cheshire East Council and HW Martin.  Find out more on the Cheshire East website (Media release)

Kevin Melling talks to CAT FM

Listen to Kevin Melling, Ansa's Managing Director talking to Des on Business Brunch at CAT FM

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Race to zero - COP26

Ansa Environmental Services and Cheshire East Council welcomed the official Race to Zero bus on 29 September 2021, as it tours Britain en route to COP26 – the major climate change conference in Glasgow. Find out more on the Cheshire East media release about official Race to Zero bus.

Employer of the year 2021

Ansa Environmental Services, Cheshire East’s waste and recycling provider, won Cheshire’s ‘Employer of the Year’ at the prestigious, South Cheshire Chamber of Commerce Awards 2021. Find out more here: Ansa named as top South Cheshire employer (PDF, 120KB)

Best service team 2021

Ansa Environmental Services, was recently voted ‘Best Service Team: Waste Management and Recycling Service’ at one of the UK’s leading public service awards. Find out more on the Cheshire East media release about Best Service Team: Waste Management..

Recycle week 2021

Transcript for recycle week 2021 (PDF, 67KB)

Hydrogen vehicle refuelling facility

We are thrilled to announce that we have been granted planning permission to build a pioneering, £1m green hydrogen vehicle refuelling facility at our Environmental Hub in Middlewich.

The refuelling facility is being developed in partnership with Cheshire East Council and Storengy, using equipment from Engie, Ulemco and Logan Energy, and will be the first of its kind in the North West – bringing both air quality and carbon benefits to the residents of Cheshire East.

Watch this space for more information! 

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