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Parks and grounds management

Having well-tended and inspiring green spaces engenders a sense of pride among communities. Neat and professionally maintained green areas – whether they are the parks and gardens around historic buildings, libraries, offices, residential homes or school playing fields – make our communities happier and healthier places in which to live, work and learn. The specialist Landscaping Development Team carry out a wide range of hard and soft landscaping for local authority customers, schools and the private sector. The team is also skilled in sports facility construction, such as new bowling greens and sports fields.

  • Maintenance of open spaces included grass cutting, shrub management and planting
  • Open space design, management and installation
  • External facilities management – inspection and maintenance of all external facilities
  • Arboriculture work including tree inspection and maintenance
  • Hard landscaping work including installation of fencing, pathways and surface water drainage

Benefits of working with Ansa

  • Cost effective development and maintenance of your facilities to increase usage and attractiveness
  • Safer open spaces
Award winning Cheshire East park

One of our award winning Cheshire East parks