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Trade Waste Collection Service

Ansa collects and disposes of recycling and waste from over 300,000 households and commercial premises across Cheshire East each week. 

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Benefits of working with Ansa

  • Cost effective collection and disposal of your commercial recycling and waste
  • Working with the leader in the field of waste management

What steps should I follow to ensure cost-effective waste collections with Ansa?

  1. Select a bin that suits  your business needs.
    • Unsure which bin to choose for your business? Just check our handy guide below.
  2. Contact us for a quote!
  3. When you want to proceed, your trade waste agreement is set up.
  4. You enjoy the benefits of cost effective trade waste collection. 

What waste do you collect?

  • General Waste Collection
    • Materials which cannot be recycled, similar to your general waste bin at home.
  • Recycling Collection
    • Clean and dry recyclables including plastic bottles, pots, tubs, trays, cardboard, paper & metal drink cans.

What size bin will I need?

Ansa bin 1100 litre

1100 Litre Containers Holds approximately 12-15 bin bags of waste

  • W 1270
  • H 1380
  • D 1000
Ansa bin 660 litre

660 Litre Containers Holds approximately 8-10 bin bags

  • W 1265
  • H 1320
  • D 740
Ansa bin 360 litre

360 Litre Wheelie Bin Holds approximately 4-6 bin bags of waste

  • W 665
  • H 1100
  • D 880
Ansa bin 240 litre

240 Litre Wheelie Bin Holds approximately 2-3 bin bags of waste

  • W 580
  • H 1100
  • D 740


Ansa Trade Waste waste collection vehicle

Trade Waste Collection Service