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Hassall Road Play Area

Work has completed on our Hassall Road Play area in Alsager!  We are thrilled to share the results and hard work put in by our Play Area Management team. The new play area is a wonderful place for families to enjoy the great outdoors.

NEW Hassall Road Play Area transcript (PDF, 71Kb)

Street cleansing case studies

Three before and after street cleansing images

Ansa Environmental Services encourages people to ‘love your park’

Throughout the pandemic, Cheshire East’s open spaces – many of them recognised with Green Flag Awards – have become even more of a place of refuge to local residents. As lockdown restrictions ease, parks and open spaces are expected to see a further increase in users.

We urge everyone to keep our park and opens spaces looking great by putting their litter in bins and picking up after their dogs. If the bins are full, we would like people to take their litter home. Ansa's teams are working hard to empty bins as frequently as possible, however we are dealing with a large increase in rubbish.

Ansa and Cheshire East Council are trialling new recycling bins in some of its Green Flag parks, to make it easier for visitors to do their bit for the environment. Bins in parks will also be emptied more frequently.

Pledge to love your park today!

A beautiful park in Cheshire East

Queens Park, Crewe

The Hydrogen Project

We are bringing green hydrogen fuel to Cheshire East!

Hydrogen energy transcript (PDF, 96Kb)

Ansa Environmental Services and Cheshire East Council are committed to reducing our carbon emissions and becoming a carbon neutral by 2025. This means significantly reducing the carbon in our energy and fuel use, including from our refuse collection vehicle fleet. 

The hydrogen project will run for three years and is a partnership with Storengy UK – who are providing the technical expertise on hydrogen.

The project has been partially funded through the Local Growth Fund, (funding provided by the Department of Business, Energy and the Industrial Strategy). This funding is administered by the Cheshire and Warrington Local Enterprise Partnership.

The purpose of the hydrogen project is not only to reduce carbon now, but also to get used to using hydrogen as a cleaner, greener fuel in the future. Moving to cleaner fuels such as hydrogen will also bring benefits locally through improved air quality.

Through this project we will also support the emerging hydrogen economy – which will provide jobs and growth for the future.

Hydrogen is suited to heavier and long-range vehicles, such as our refuse collection vehicles. Initially, we converted two refuse vehicles to become hydrogen hybrid vehicles. This means that once the hydrogen is used up, they can temporarily revert back to diesel until they can be refuelled.

Storengy UK are also converting one of their small vans which will visit weekly for maintenance and refuelling.

The equipment required for the hydrogen project includes an electrolyser to make our own hydrogen and the first hydrogen refuelling station in the North West of England.  These will be placed at our Environmental Hub in Middlewich – a purpose-built, state-of-the art facility.

For more information on this project, please visit the Cheshire East Council website.