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Cheshire East Waste Reduction Programme

As part of Cheshire East’s campaign of waste minimisation, we have set up an in-house Waste Reduction Programme which involves volunteers going out into the community and schools.  Our team of volunteers work hard to help residents to understand the importance of recycling, reducing food waste and composting.

We currently have a team of Cheshire East Waste Reduction Volunteers who have a range of knowledge and talents which they are happy to share and we are looking for more volunteers to join this fabulous team.


If you become a Cheshire East Waste Reduction Volunteer you will:

  • extend your knowledge through training sessions
  • work in the community and meet new people
  • attend road shows and community events
  • make a difference to your local environment

To find out more about this excellent and rewarding scheme, contact Alison Jenkins, CEWRVS Coordinator for Ansa Environmental Services Ltd at or call (01270) 686827. 

Alternatively please visit the Cheshire East website to complete a short, online application.

Become a Cheshire East Waste Reduction Volunteer

Become a Cheshire East Waste Reduction Volunteer