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Specialised Transport

What do we do?

Where specialised transport is required for children and adults, we can provide appropriate, safe transport which is tailored to each person's individual needs:

Specialised transport

Transport for everyone

with our flexible seating options

How do we do it?

  • We source appropriate transport, equipped to accommodate individual needs
  • We work closely with all our customers, including schools, parents, social workers, individuals and operators
  • We provide transport for children with special educational needs and disabilities with safe travel to and from school on our dedicated fleet
  • We take safeguarding seriously and put passenger safety at the centre of our services
  • We provide wheelchair/equipment specification and training
  • We run our own fully accessible fleet of 16-seat minibuses or use selected partner vehicles to meet your specialised transport needs

We regularly help social groups get out and explore local destinations in our custom-built, wheelchair friendly minibuses.

What do our customers have to say?

“We have fleet vehicles that bring our pupils to school and take them home daily. The drivers are always courteous and friendly. The drivers and office staff work closely with us as we often have complex requests and some pupils can display challenging behaviour. Ansa Transport always strives to come up with workable solutions and do their best to accommodate our requests. The vehicles are clean and staff are very helpful”.