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Public Transport Information

What do we do?

We manage Public Transport Information for Cheshire East Council, working with bus operators and Cheshire East Highways to keep passengers informed about bus services running.


Working with partners

to improve public transport

How do we do it?

  • We receive, process and share information about commercial registrations, de-registrations and variations of bus services, to ensure timetable information for bus services to, from and within Cheshire East is up to date for residents
  • We coordinate, produce and instal the Borough’s roadside display information
  • We develop and print timetables for Council supported bus services and distribute to various outlets for residents
  • We assist with mitigation of local bus service disruption e.g roadworks
  • We submit statutory data returns and links to databases
  • We liaise at regional/national level on information strategies
  • We have an overview of passenger transport policies