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How to become a Supplier  

Ansa Environmental Services uses eTendering/eSourcing software known as “The Chest” the system provided and supported by Proactis. This system ensures that Ansa’s tendering process is efficient, transparent and accessible to the full potential supplier market. Therefore, all potential suppliers to Ansa will need to register with ‘The Chest'. The Chest gives suppliers the visibility to see current opportunities available from Ansa, along with opportunities from other bodies. The Chest is used by over 30 Local Authorities in the North West of England; by registering on The Chest you can have the potential to see current opportunities across the North West of England.

The Chest can be accessed by following the link and registering for FREE.  When registering, suppliers will be asked to specify the goods / services they provide.  Any opportunities that are posted on the Chest that match the criteria that you have entered when registering, will lead to you automatically receive an email notification advising you of the details and deadlines for the opportunity – note you are not obliged to provide quotations or a tender if you do not wish to

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