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Cheshire East Waste Reduction Volunteers

As part of Cheshire East’s campaign of waste minimisation, Ansa has set up an in-house Waste Reduction Programme.

Find out more about our waste reduction volunteers 

Ansa staff and waste reduction volunteers

Ansa staff and volunteers

Community liaison minutes

To read our community liaison minutes, please visit our community liaison minutes page.

Community toolkit

Join us on our Community toolkit page; where you will find a collection of useful resources to help you reduce your waste and have a positive impact upon the planet. 

If you live in Cheshire East, please download our FREE Waste watchers app.

Waste watchers app

Challenge to change podcast

To find out about the little changes everyone can make which have a big impact on the environment, check out our Challenge to change podcast!

If you use Spotify, you may prefer to open our podcast using this liink:

Christmas tree recycling

Did you know that you can recycle christmas trees in Cheshire East? Visit the Cheshire East garden waste collections page for more information.

Talks and workshops

Ansa holds free talks and workshops about recycling, home composting and minimising food waste.

Find out more about our community talks and workshops

Lisa Collas at a supermarket engagement event

Waste a minute

Ansa has put together a range of videos that provide more information on what waste goes where in Cheshire East.  With lots of great waste saving ideas, you will be able to build on your knowledge of reducing waste and reduce your carbon footprint too!  

 The A to Z of waste:

 A to Z of Waste transcript A,B,C (PDF, 86KB)

 A to Z of Waste transcript D,E,F (PDF, 90KB)

 A to Z of Waste transcript G,H,I (PDF, 80KB)

 A to Z of Waste transcript J,K,L (PDF, 82KB)

 A to Z of Waste transcript M,N,O (PDF, 90KB)

 A to Z of Waste transcript P,Q,R (PDF, 90KB)

 A to Z of Waste transcript S,T,U (PDF, 89KB)

A to Z of Waste transcript V to Z (PDF, 91KB)

What to do with batteries

Transcript - Don't bin batteries (PDF, 182KB)

Transcript for Episode 10 - batteries (PDF, 61KB)

 Composting and wormeries

Transcript - Alison's wormery (PDF, 81KB)

Transcript for composting (PDF, 176KB)

Reducing clothing and textile waste

Transcript for Episode 9 - textiles (PDF, 98KB)

How to avoid contamination

Transcript for Episode 1 - contamination (PDF, 173KB) 

Reducing food waste

Transcript for Food waste (PDF, 144KB)

The benefits of e-cards

Transcript for Episode 12 - e-cards (PDF, 96KB)

How to dispose of metals

Transcript for Episode 8 - metals (PDF, 65KB) 

How to reduce plastic waste

Transcript for Episode 4 - bonded and hard plastics (PDF, 194KB)

Transcript for Episode 3 - soft plastics exceptions (PDF, 177KB)

Transcript for Episode 2 - soft plastics (PDF, 179KB)

How to dispose of PPE correctly

Transcript for Safely disposing of PPE and face coverings (PDF, 189KB)

Transcript for Episode 5 - PPE disposal (PDF, 183KB)

Cheshire East Virtual Pride

Transcript for Cheshire East Virtual Pride with Ansa (PDF, 203KB)

The benefits of using real nappies

Transcript Episode 13 - real nappies (PDF, 102KB)

Reducing waste

Transcript for five easy ways to reduce your household waste (PDF, 55KB)


Transcript for a Trial of Conkers Laundry Detergent (PDF, 81KB)

Transcript for Episode 12 - repurposing and reusing packaging (PDF, 96KB)


Transcript for Common Recycling Mistakes (PDF, 57KB)

Transcript for Reduce Reuse Recycle (PDF, 106KB)

Transcript Episode 6 - paper (PDF, 264KB)

Transcript Episode 7 - cardboard (PDF, 180KB)

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