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Transport Service Solutions Ltd

This is the Guide to Information for Transport Service Solutions Ltd (TSS).  Some of the information is available via the Cheshire East Council and TSS websites and is free. Some documents are available from Companies House, which may incur a fee. See links below.

Who we are and what we do and the services we offer

Transport Service Solutions Ltd is a company based in Middlewich, Cheshire that researches, plans and delivers safe, competitively priced transport solutions.  For more detail, please go to the pages of the TSS website

Our board

Councillor Paul Bayley Chairman

Our management team

Kevin Melling, Managing Director

Glen Bubb, General Manager

Sarah Tunstall, Business & Projects Manager 

Clair Kiffin, Passenger Transport Manager

Trevor Robinson, Contracts & Procurement Manager

What we spend and how we spend it; What our priorities are and how we are doing; and Lists and registers

To look at:

Documents such as certificate of incorporation and memorandum of association and articles of association,

The annual accounts,

The annual reports,

Any lists or registers that may be required in the conduct of the company's business.

Please visit Companies House where they are made available.

Our pay and grading structure

TSS pay scales (PDF, 83KB)

The ratio between the highest paid salary and the median average salary for the whole workforce is 3.75:1.

How we make decisions

You can find TSS agendas and minutes here: Board Agendas and Minutes.

Our policies and procedures

The company adheres to the appropriate policies and procedures

TSS anti-fraud and corruption policy (PDF, 167KB)

TSS recruitment policy and procedure (PDF, 264KB)

TSS whistleblowing policy (PDF, 241KB)

TSS health and safety policy (PDF, 136KB)

How to make a freedom of information request

Information about how we deal with freedom of information requests together with an on-line form:

For further information not available on the Cheshire East Council, Ansa or Companies House websites, please contact Melanie Henniker, HR, or by post to HR, Environmental Hub, Cledford Lane, Middlewich, Cheshire CW10 OJR