Are you up for the ‘Food Waste Challenge’?


24 October 2016

Ansa Environmental Services has recently launched a new campaign to reduce food waste in the Borough as part of their waste reduction work on behalf of Cheshire East Council.

Residents will have the opportunity to sign a commitment to reduce their food waste with ‘pledge cards’ and to join the discussion on social media; #CEFoodPledge and #WeHateFoodWaste. It is estimated that an average family can save around £60 per month by thinking about how much food waste actually costs.

A waste composition analysis conducted by independent analysts earlier this year revealed the shocking statistic that on average 40% of black bin contents in the Borough is made up of food waste. Much of this food is even still in its original packaging!

The ‘We Hate Food Waste’ campaign aims to help residents save money by reducing the amount of food they put in their black bins. Estimates from WRAP (Waste Resource Action Programme) suggest that a family can save up to £60 per month by following a few simple tips.

A recent leaflet, distributed to all Cheshire East residents, outlines handy tips on buying and storing food, as well as suggesting great websites where you can find recipe ideas using common leftover foods. Residents can also meet the ‘We Hate Food Waste’ team at local community events over the coming months.

Chairman of the Ansa Board, Councillor John Hammond said, “This is a really important campaign when so much food is wasted. Food waste is not the only issue; we need to also consider the environmental impact of the production, transportation and storage of our food. Minimising food waste is being pushed hard nationally by WRAP and also on mainstream TV. We need to play our part in tackling this major problem.”

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